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Oct 18 '17 at 5:47


Cahuilla Casino

Tiny casino in the middle of NOWHERE. A bit of an oasis in the desert, perhaps ;) Gas station next door on same property (run by casino/tribe too) has great prices on smokes (house brand), plus lots of snacks, knick knacks, etc. Always friendly staff. ?? Nothing special about the casino itself. Just lots of slot machines in a typical (tho small) dark, dank smoker's-heaven. I didn't notice if there was a separate non-smoking area in the casino or not. No "live" games. Just slots mainly. It *appears* the casino offers free self-serve drinks/refills on the non-alcoholic stuff - mainly sodas- in the gaming area (NOT the restaurant). Given how you have to drive a gazillion miles to reach civilization from there, I think that's a FABULOUSLY good idea to reduce drunk driving. (Best to double check if that's correct once there tho!) Ordered lunch at the restaurant inside the casino... and it was awwwwwwful. I mean... gross and awful. I've read several other reviews praising the restaurant... maybe I just hit an off day? Dunno.