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Oct 28 '17 at 16:46

We ate dinner in the casino on a Friday - all you can eat crab enticed us. While the crab was about the same as anywhere, the other main dish items were terribly over- cooked and dried out. The steak was way past well-done, dry and tough. The prime rib - same thing. The pork chop - same. Even the salmon and chicken were too dry to enjoy. So sad. Why can't food preparers learn when to take the food off the heat? Quite a large assortment of desserts were available but I didn't find them all that fresh and enjoyable. I know it isn't easy to run a restaurant, but this place certainly has the experience and money to offer some of the best food around. It's too bad they don't use it. We won't be returning. It's disappointing that we can eat better with my unskilled cooking. I thought I was going to treat my sweetheart to a good dinner - instead we were very, very dissappointed. But she did like the crab.