Shelene Lewis
Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino
Altoona, Iowa
"Shelene Lewis"
Last night my boyfriend & I came to PM dressed up in Halloween costumes (he in a hunting costume with face paint and toy bow & arrow with suction cups and & I in a Catwoman costume with a mask that covered half my face). We were stopped by the front security and was told the bow & arrow was not permitted and the security guard had to consult with security to find out if our face paint & mask were permitted...both were permitted. We cooperated with security and took the bow & arrow back to the car. We went back in to PM thinking we were cleared by security and went forward with the evening...this was at approx 8:30 pm. Both of us sat and watched the band, gambled, ate and drank and walked all over the gambling facility while there. While sitting at our table listening to the last few songs before the band quit for night (we had planned to stay a while longer and gamble) approx 11:45 pm I was approached by security telling me I had to either remove my mask or leave. I was embarrassed to be told of this in front of other patrons (whom also couldn't believe I was told this after being there for so long) I informed him of what the security at front had said earlier and that we were cleared....he said "not by me". I was pissed! For one, ALL security is security to me and should have communicated with one another of our presence to avoid any such harassment. We had been there for 3 hours and the security now asks me to leave, especially when I'm on camera all that time. I felt harassed. I've been to this establishment on several occasions and have spent money there during every visit. My family and friends will be told of this very uneventful & embarrassing night.