April Rain
Rainbow Hotel & Casino Rainbow Hotel & Casino
West Wendover, Nevada
"April Rain"
Ugh...the rainbow used to be my favorite casino but it’s horrible now. It’s dirty, outdated, the service blows and what you really wanna know is this, you simply cannot win here (slots, all kinds, high roller all the way down to pennies) I’ve given it ample time, money and attempts that in relation to other casinos in Wendover (see my other reviews) that I highly recommend that you do not play here. Over ten years ago, you could win, however, I think the Rainbow is used to a regular group of people that it no longer has to work to payout to gain business therefore you do not win, and I mean...NOTHING. This does not apply to the tables. I understand and take responsibility that you may have some belief in “luck” or some superstition and as such please accept this review with your own perception and my bias. Having said that, I will be going forward warning and preventing my family and friends in Utah from playing at the Rainbow and won’t be returning without some sort of intervention.