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Oct 15 '17 at 5:33


??Customer Service in the hotel at the L'Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge, LA was some of the worst I have ever encountered??. I'm not usually the one to post lengthy negative reviews but I feel this one is necessary. So...They send us comp rooms for using our players card {spending big money} in the casino but booking a comp room is another story! I have tried at least 12 times to book a comp room but have only been successful twice. The first comp room smelled like sweaty socks, the TV was broken, no hot water, hotel phone broken, etc.... It takes a lot for me to file a complaint but I felt it to be necessary this particular time but I couldn't call for service since the phone was broken...Long story short....Nothing was ever replaced or repaired and we've been marked in their system as "problem guests". Every staff member we came in contact with in the hotel was beyond rude and unprofessional to the point that it was even obvious to the other guests at the pool. There was 1 thing that made it all worth it & that was being able to access the pool at night! {Assuming this would be an isolated incident} The 2nd time we were able to book a comp room, it ended up being 10 times worse than the first!!! {This particular situation is waaaay to involved to elaborate on} JUST KNOW THIS ....even if you have several valid complaints, you will be marked as a "problem guest" and having that label on your account will keep you from EVER having a positive experience.??