Neal Topia
The Millers Inn
Melbourne, Victoria
"Neal Topia"
Fresh modern decor, very pleasant, self-service bread rolls a plus but the dearest senior's hotel meal I've had and not the most enjoyable. I ordered the $12 Seniors Fish Grilled or Fried, opted for battered barramundi with chips and salad. A wholesome good size serving but the salad was 'heavy' consisting of a mass of the same three greens, too much cucumber, hardly any tomato and a ghostly inclusion of finely shredded carrot (if I recall accurately). The chips were the best part of the meal, light crisp and tasty. The fish batter, though beautifully crisp, was sickly, probably due to the choice of oil. The barramundi was the biggest disappointment. The smallest of fillets, the flesh was dry, its darker parts were blacker than what I was familiar with, it smell strong and not fresh, as if it had been refrozen. Additionally, the same day expiry $2 voucher usage was not explained to me. The cost of the meal was $15:50 not $12. Chips were extra. When were chips an extra with pub fish meals? Was the voucher applied? I have no idea. Furthermore, none of the staff seemed interested in paying a courtesy visit to my table at any time during the hour that I was there. Finally, I started feeling sick two hours later, reflux and the urge to go the bathroom. I have a robust digestion, have not felt ‘crook’ after a meal for years and that was after one of my own! This one nearly got the better of me though. One Star for the chips, self-serve buns, the good looking bar which I didn't use, the refreshing decor and bathroom memory, the need to leave the meal somewhere. To the Millers Inn, I mean not to offend but to just call it as it was.