ashwin nirmul
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Seattle, Washington
"ashwin nirmul"
The food is better than I expected. It's no five star experience, but it's fresh and well prepared. On Saturday night (10/21/17) I had the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, and fried fish. I only play roulette and I only bet on the outside. I've been twice and both times it's a five dollar minimum and $250 maximum on outside bets. Some dealers are better than others (no surprise). I just can't believe the range though. There was one guy who paid me on several bets I lost! There's more of the other end where careless dealers remove the chips of winners. I think I caught most of those (I hope). It takes about an hour from departure until they open up the tables, so the slower you can eat, the less time you have to wait. Also, there's no comfortable place to sit outside, which is where I go to warm up. It's freezing inside on all three decks.