Rico Suave'
Magic Diamond - Rocker
Rocker, Montana
"Rico Suave'"
Comfy and fits the bill. If you're used to "turn down service".. don't bother. What you'll get here is very friendly greetings, an average room that is very clean, a TV that receives basic service, (CNN TBS ESPN local affiliates and ME and older watchable networks. No HBO etc.) The room I had was not equipped with a fridge or microwave.. I do not know if that is an upgrade that is available. During the day there is some traffic noise from i90 , but that dissipates greatly at night as traffic draws to nil. There is a bar/lounge in the lower level and it is fully stocked. I've been here twice and never seen more than a few heads in there, so it a quiet place to grab a cocktail or beer. I doubt it gets wild. I checked for standard turn offs and found found none. No hair in the tub. No dust bunnies in the corners. No bottle caps behind the nightstand. The linens were fresh and neatly prepared. No dust on the tip of the door frames. No smeared windows. All room entries were on the interior hallway. Just remember.. it's an economy lodging. It is not an 'in town' luxury bed and breakfast. If you come with your snoot stuck out.. expecting a $200 room for an economy price, you'll find a reason to complain.