Valencia Williams
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"Valencia Williams"
This place needs to be condemned. The only good part about this place is the foyer. Having said that, there are two locations that we were shown upon arrival. The first place that we were taken to was past the restaurant, into a scary elevator with hieroglyphs written all over the walls of the elevator. Once we got off the elevator, we entered this very seedy, questionable hallway. There were smells of marijuana and Popeyes. A gentleman entered the hallway and I was sure we were going to be mugged. After entering the room, which looked like the motel 6, we said absolutely not... They commenced to show us their "good rooms" and I kid you not, the reviews that have 1 star are exactly on the money. Water leaks, dirty linen, rude staff. I didn't sleep a wink that night. We were terrified that someone would enter our room at any moment. The noise was unbearable. The only good thing from that night was the person I layed beside. I will NEVER, EVER GO TO THAT PLACE AGAIN. AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER. IT'S SCARY AND DANGEROUS.