Rusty Hermes
Paradise Falls Paradise Falls
Missoula, Montana
"Rusty Hermes"
I find this place to have good food moderate prices and lots of service, not much organization to table service sometimes, here is a typical experience is like: take seat some will takes drink order yet another delivers drinks and assures you you server will be rite there, when you need a refill your waitress will show up and take your order and ask if you need refills. Then anyone other than waitress will deliver drinks, then food will come delivered by some one other than waitress, halfway there meal in the middle if bite waitress will materialize just behind you wait for you to take a bite, then ask how things are. You node and splutter but b4 you can swallow server is gone refills as needed by other staff. Your waitress will make final grand appearance with Bill and BIG smile and offer to make change or settle bill however. This all fine but I want to tip the other staff the ones who SEVRVED me not just the one who delivers bill and takes order. The severe suck but the rest of the staff makes up for it.