Steve Gissen
Black Hawk Casino Black Hawk Casino
Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Steve Gissen"
My wife and I spent our 22nd Wedding Anniversary at the hotel this past weekend. We have stayed at the hotel a handful of times and have usually been impressed with the entire stay. Unfortunately, this stay was very different. After checking into our room we decided to go to the casino and have a couple of drinks and gamble. As we headed down the escalator towards the casino floor we noticed the main bar was under construction. (This was never mentioned when the reservation was made) Signage indicates the bar is closed until November. November 1, 30 or some date in between? This same construction also impacted the flow of the casino as the construction caused portions of the casino floor from being inaccessible (Past Starbucks towards to Richman Street) As one would expect, this also caused the casino floor to be very crowded. A couple of hours later, while playing blackjack, my wife wanted a drink. We asked the two dealers if they were able to signal a waiter/waitress over. Neither indicated they had any ability to do so anymore than we did. We finally noticed a waitress in our general area and called her over. We asked for drinks for the people at the blackjack table and we were told this wasn't here area and she was going on break. We suspected she would have contacted someone to let them know they had people waiting for drinks but no one ever showed up. We expected a bit more for what we consider the best hotel in Black Hawk.