Ultra New Town Tavern Ultra New Town Tavern
Las Vegas, Nevada
This review is based solely on our server, JOE. My fiance and I have come here several times and have always had a pleasant experience. Today we were given the ABSOLUTE WORST service either of us have ever received. As we were taking our seat, our server comes and leans over the table, sticks his face directly in my fiance's and in an extremely angry way, no smile, not at all joking says "What's up bro?" We were both taken back, we thought for sure this guy was about to start a fight or something. The best way we could describe it was like, I was his former wife or girlfriend or whatever and my new boyfriend was taking me on a date to his workplace......only, neither of us had ever seen before him before in our lives. After that he was continuously extremely rude to us (although he was nice as can be with his other tables who looked just as confused as we were by the way). After another server brought our food, rather than asking us if everything turned out okay, he walked passed our table, made the "ehh" gesture, shrugged and said (again, very condescendingly) "well...have fun"...Seriously, we were so shocked and angry that we were shaking. I don't know what this guys problem was!!! He then came back only to mimic us eating and walk away (not jokingly either, seriously, I know when I'm being made fun of) and the closest thing we got to a "How was your meal?" was "I'd ask you about your food but since you're not talking to each other..." (again, if he'd said it jokingly I might have laughed but he was SO RUDE about it) This was the first time in our lives we hoped my server wouldn't come back to the table. I even considered taking my food back to my car to eat. I couldn't even finish my food because I was so angry. We never did anything to him, said anything to him, we have no idea where his attitude was coming from! He wasn't like this AT ALL with his other tables, just us. On top of that he would always go back to the computer and start talking to the other servers, gesture back at us--Even LOOK right at us--and the server he was talking to would look at us and laugh, like this was all some kind of joke. Neither of us have ever endured this kind of service anywhere. It was absolutely pathetic. After we paid for our meal, we spoke to manager, Susan. She was very helpful, friendly and just as confused as we were. We didn't want any discounts or anything for free, we just couldn't leave without bringing this to someones attention . Susan offered us a gift-card, which was a very nice gesture, although not necessary. It was a breath of fresh air speaking with somebody who treated us with respect and like human beings. We will always be sure to ask to sit away from Joe. Unfortunately, unless he's not working the days we decide to come, we will not be able to sit in our usual favorite spot anymore.