Christopher Sutton
The Elwha River Casino The Elwha River Casino
Port Angeles, Washington
"Christopher Sutton"
I love this place, In a month and a half, I have won well over $6000 total. The Food is great, The staff is friendly. The only thing keeping me from giving them 5 star's and I have been complaining about this an awful lot, Is the Lower Elwha Police and how the Casino Management allow them to stand at the front doors and intimidate and harass me and my fellow patrons. If they aren't standing right inside the main doors in force, they are walking up and down the Gaming aisles, grabbing people up left and right, placing them under arrest without ever asking for I.D. Not only this, but they will sit in the parking lot 3 cops in 3 separate SUV's, they are constantly out to take as many people to jail as possible, you will see them breaking the speed limits non stop just patrolling around 24/7 like hungry sharks whom must keep moving in order to breath. It's disgusting. Protect and Serve the people is their job, instead they just bully, harass, and intimidate people. Not me, Im a law abiding citizen, a full time college student who's using the casino to pay my way through college. Lucky me, I got nothing but time to sit around and record all the nasty crooked ways of the Elwha Police Department. As soon as they stop showing up to the casino, I'll glady change my reviews. Untill then everyone has been warned, Play at your own discretion, You have a better chance of being arrested, cited, or harassed by police than walking out of this place with any money