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Nov 16 '17 at 8:54

Rather then waste your time playing the slots and getting robbed of your gambling money, try driving up to the front entrance, out the window hand them your money then drive away. It's less frustrating and less time consuming yet the end results are the same. I noticed when playing the slot machine I would bet a dollar and hit a paying combination line, the pay out was forty cents. Even when I won, I lost. Most slots will not pay out more then the bet amount. Bet fifty cents, win back twenty five. Also, most penny slots require a minimum bet of forty cents but if you want a chance to hit the jackpot you have to play the max amount of three to five dollars each spin. So, basically your playing dollar slots disguised as penny slots. Oh, and the famous Hot Dogs are no longer a dollar, they will cost you three dollars and fifty cents even if your sitting at the bar playing video poker. They don't even have the cup of shrimp cocktails any more. I was not impressed with that place.