Cynthia Bernier
Barcel� San Jos� Palacio Spa & Casino Barcel� San Jos� Palacio Spa & Casino
San Jose
"Cynthia Bernier"
When we arrived, the staff was a bit rude with us, probably because of how we were dressed. This place seems very classy , however the rooms are a bit old school style. The bed is comfortable and it’s a quiet hotel, there is not much around nor is there a lot of walking to do ( you can walk around leaving the hotel but there is not much around) . The airport is very close about 10-15 minutes, and they do provide shuttle, however the shuttle is only once an hour. Another note, this place may be ready for a lawsuit against some people if they don’t change their temperature of water. It is literally so hot (the shower) that it can give you a serious burn. Be careful , putting it at the mid line is hot enough. The only downside of this place is that they have a gym, but this gym closes at certain hours, they should make it 24/7 , a few of the machines didn’t work, but they have a lot to choose from (the back treadmill, and elliptical sort of machine towards the back, both did not work ) . They offer breakfast, however,we had to leave before we could try it out. Other than that not that bad of a hotel