aries dude
Woodbine Racetrack Woodbine Racetrack
Toronto, Ontario
"aries dude"
The casino has lost its way. What a total dump it has become. Most of the slot machines are all old, grungy looking, dirty and sticky. Buttons don't function properly on many. The machines are also stacked like sardines throughout the facility with no sense of order or visual appeal in terms of being a welcoming place to chill and enjoy for a few hours. There is no sense of order or direction with the spacing of machines and walkways. Eveything seems crammed and bursting at the seams with no sense of direction or space. Classless and dingy sum it all up. When this place first opened up many years ago it was awesome, fun, exciting and alive. Sadly it has deteriorated tremendously in terms of appeal and aesthetics. Will not go back.