Steve Moore
Cherokee Casino - Tahlequah Cherokee Casino - Tahlequah
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
"Steve Moore"
But the power for the last 28 months I have donated 60 dollars per month most I've ever been up was around $40 I play dollar and 50 cent machines I can usually play for about 2 hours on $60 only one of my friends have ever won they hit $800 they take a great deal of money from a large majority of people that I know about to never go back about 4 months ago I'm not a big Gambler anyway they seem to have too many people working there must have a lot of bills to pay I never hear of anyone winning there a lot of my friends from Arkansas was coming up but you know the old saying you can share a sheep many times but only slider at once all the Arkansas people have shot him off also they need to break out the shares and throw away the knife LOL