Oliver Franck
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"Oliver Franck"
It could almost be considered a mini city, it has everything a bit. Are you looking for reputable stores? you got it. Are you looking for theater? has it. Are you looking for space for events? he has it ... and so I can continue. What is the problem? Your biggest point in favor. Having everything inside the hotel makes it immense and therefore tired of traveling from one point to another. We were joking that they should have a train or a golf cart to get around inside the hotel because it can really be tedious. We saw several parents who chose to take their children in stroller (although they had ages that could walk well by themselves) due to the fact that they could not stand walking so much. They commented that the children could not stand such long walks and therefore wore the stroller, which could be essential to consider for a family trip. In short, it is a very luxurious hotel that has something for everyone and many facilities, you just have to be willing to take long walks (even to go to the room)