Todd Gifford
Aquarius Casino Resort Aquarius Casino Resort
Laughlin, Nevada
"Todd Gifford"
I got in late at night after a long days work and went straight to sleep after a quick shower and a dirty bathroom with curly black hair is placed here and there. When I woke up in the morning I found a scary amount of blood on the sheets. I don’t know if the blood was there before or if it’s for me Being bitten by bedbugs… Nevertheless the entire next day I was shaky and felt panicky and violated. I reported to the front desk and they move me to another room where I just requested it please be clean. I asked if they would put new sheets on and they said they would and if they could check the room before to make sure it was clean. After a little bit of resistance she agreed. When I went to the room it was just OK it wasn’t entirely clean it was so dusty in places and seem to run down. But she’s had a holes small holes but holes and so I know they for sure we’re not new sheets. I didn’t appreciate being lied to and felt extraordinarily violated with my entire experience. I try to report to security as suggested by front desk and was blown off without proof of bites. They would not even take a report about the blood on the sheets and or the possibility of bedbugs. This tells me they don’t care or either already know about the problem. I Bill it is my obligation as a business traveler to review this matter in the areas I check when searching for hotels. I should’ve done more research on the Aquarius but I thought it was supposed to be one of the nicer hotels in town. (Ps talk2text sorry for grammar)