Leigh-Jay Palmer
Riverwind Casino Riverwind Casino
Norman, Oklahoma
"Leigh-Jay Palmer"
Riverside is probably the nicest Oklahoma casino I have been to in regards to design, amenities and cleanliness. The smoke seems to be better filtered here too. They have tons of slots to choose from, and they update them frequently. I have never attended one of their concerts but they always have big name acts performing. There are several dine-in restaurants a 4 fast food places inside. The bar is really pretty, it's circular an sits right in the middle so u get a great view of everything. They have valet parking, but I don't use it. In my case I found parking to be a pain since their always packed full. They have a hotel now I heard was very nice, but whenever I try to reserve a room its always booked. As far as winning goes, I used to win quite frequently in the past. But the last 6 or 7 times I have been I haven't won anything. Sometimes you can hear the slot bells going off all over the casino, other times its super quiet, that's when I have the worst luck. If you are there late at night, be careful. There seem to be alot of strange characters around and someone tried to sell me drugs twice. You have to really watch your back, esp if you're alone.