Brandon Seal
Desert Diamond West Valley Casino Desert Diamond West Valley Casino
Glendale, Arizona
"Brandon Seal"
The decorations are nice, and the staff was friendly, but it needs much better air ventilation (from all the smokers) and cheaper games to play (penny slots, not 30 cent or more slots). Self-parking was simple, security was tight but didn't feel threatening. It's sized.... Adequately, but it is by no means a large casino with a vast array of things to try your hand at. It's fine for an hour with friends, just going to have a little fun, but much longer stays and you'd best find a different place to try your luck. With Vegas just a few hours away, this place just doesn't make sense. I did leave with $9 more than what I walked in with, though, and the games are a bit more generous (to keep you longer) than other establishments I've visited, so I'll leave it with an 'it's okay' 3-star rating.