charles chiles
Las Vegas, Nevada
"charles chiles"
Albertsons on 14th Street is one of the largest supermarkets within this community. I had some difficulty finding the entrance, which is on the east side of 14th Street. This particular store was so large, that I nearly lost myself within it ; the amount of groceries that they carry is phenomenal and almost everything is "sale priced!" There are plenty of good deals on single items however, if you buy their goods in 2X , 3X, 5X or in 10X amounts, their prices subsequently decreased and some of them significantly! They had a nice well-stocked produce section, a fresh cut meat and fish section, a bakery section and myriad other categorized sections throughout their store. The categorized sections were all on large boards, above my head, so I encountered no difficulties located the products that I needed. The associates whom I encountered were all very friendly and each either greeted me with a friendly, "Hello" or a "Hi"..., which took me back to my childhood days of yore, when store associates always greeted their customers, as - in a sense - a friend. It was the same at the checkstand, where the cashier both greeted and thanked me for shopping there. Even the gentleman who help me - they bag your groceries for their customers - was downright friendly. It was a wonderful experience and I'll be sure to try to return again in the future.