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So recently I had an incredible amount of luck I just posted about my meltdown at Lucky Eagle And if that isnt an unbelievable strike of luck, the next day at Ilani Resort I hit the mega meltdown 777 for $14,800 and then two days after that i went back to Ilani and I hit the mega meltdown for $94,000! Now to top it off 2 Days Later I was at the same machines that I had just won on at ilani, (they are both side-by-side next to each other) and they both stopped at the same time and I had jackpots on both with the Mega triple bars! This casino is fairly new, just opened last spring and coincidentally I was the first to hit the mega 777 about 6 months ago and a few days later someone else hit the mega meltdown, I'm not 100% of the amount but I think it was about $97000. So I really wasn't expecting these progressives to hit for a few weeks! Not sure how long my luck will last but I'm loving the ride!