Endless Sommers
Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel Main Street Station Casino Brewery and Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Endless Sommers"
We had planned on staying here for two weeks but left after 7 days due to break ins. There are quite a few full timers living here although it says at check in at the maximum stay is 2 weeks. ProTip: Call before you arrive to find out what site number they have assigned to you. That way you can park in your spot and then walk over to the hotel to check in. I watched a guy pull up next to a vacant motor home, pull a ladder out of his car, put said ladder up to the motor homes window and climb in to help himself to the contents inside. I called security who called Las Vegas PD. The PD came out but the guy said he was the brother of the guy in the motor home he broke into so they let him go. Two days later, a neighbor of the same motor home that got broken into went over to the motor home and took a walker and a microwave. I called security again and they again called Las Vegas PD. Las Vegas PD again said there was nothing they could do because they couldn't get in touch with the guy who owned the stuff that was taken. From what I was told, the guy with the motor home was in the hospital and unable to take calls. I don't know if the police were just lazy or they really couldn't do anything. I witnessed both of these things happen first hand. I wished I would have videoed it to show the cops. Security does drive around a lot and they are very responsive. I don't think we would stay here again though. This place is right at the very end of Fremont street so it would be nice if it were more secure. Advice to management, clean up the riff raff living here full time. This RV park is supposed to be for guests of your casino, not thieves.