lisa goathead77
Angel of the Winds Casino Angel of the Winds Casino
Arlington, Washington
"lisa goathead77"
I have gone to this casino since the opening of its doors. I recently got a puppy to help aid in my anxiety. He is a very well behaved dog. Does nothing but sleep on my lap while we are there. Never bothers anyone, barks, poops or pees inside, literally he does nothing but sit on my lap. Every time I go in with him I am asked if he is a service dog and every time I say yes he is a companion dog and they kick me out!! Apparently companion dogs are not allowed in their Casino. So I will never spend my money there again. And I realize it won't break them but it's one less customer they won't get money from. Very rude and unproffessional. I may add that sometimes he's allowed in and other times not. I've been kicked out twice now and it will never happen again.