Heather Straub
Jack Casino-Hotel Greektown
Detroit, MI
"Heather Straub"
I hate to even give 1 star. We have been frequenting Greektown Casino for years and years. I have no complaints about the hotel but we will NEVER return to the casino. Tonight my husband and I waited in line for a drink at one of the bars upstairs. We were finally next in line. I stepped up and a girl rudely walked in front of me on her phone and addressed the bartender. My husband said excuse me to her. She didn’t hear because she was busy talking on her phone. So he tapped her shoulder and said excuse me. The bartender proceeded to wait on me (as she knew we had been patiently waiting). Well the rude female on the phone decided to cause a huge scene and started calling the bartender racist because she was white and we were white. When in all actuality, we were just next in line. So because she decided to “file a racial complaint against the bartender”...all of the sudden my husband and I were involved in a “so-called altercation” and were kicked out of the Casino for a “24 hour cool down period”. So the hotel room that we had booked for the night is sitting empty and we are driving home over an hour because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Security wouldn’t even take the time to watch the video (as I requested) to see that we had done nothing wrong in the whole incident, and neither had the bartender. The worst part of all is that we were escorted out by like 10 security guards like we had actually done something wrong. How embarrassing. As far as I am concerned, if anyone should be filing a complaint for harassment, it should be my husband and I. And I may just look into this. We should not be treated as criminals when we did not misbehave. We spent thousands of dollars there in our 24 hour stay and were supposed to be there another night. Instead, we had people staring at us like we were some sort of criminal or something. Shame on you Greektown Casino security. You might want to rethink your policy and actually do a little investigating before treating people so poorly. Or you might just catch a lawsuit..and I am not above it at this point.