Crystal Vicencio
Dotty's 17
Fallon, Nevada
"Crystal Vicencio"
The casino is nice but there is a very RUUDE worker ! I don't know his name but he's usually there around 12:00 pm @ midnight The first time my friend and I came here he won & he went to go get his money. The guy made a very ruude comment saying "eww you smell disgusting" Like yea maybe because he just got off work & he works with animals! But that comment was NOT needed! Especially from a worker that's very unprofessional. A few days later we came back & my friend went to go ask for some beer the guy kept on saying "what i don't understand you" "I don't speak that language" yes my friend does'nt talk english fluently but he DOES talk it to where you CAN understand what he's saying. Once my friend showed him what he wanted he started talking under his breath! Like hello we can see you we're right here ! Everytime we go there he's giving us dirty looks, & muttering. That guy is very racist he's constantly being rude never offers drinks has a bad attitude, he's a jerk. I honestly DON'T think he should be working with the public at all! Someone HAS to do something about it & put him in his place !