Alice Castle
Riverwind Casino Riverwind Casino
Norman, Oklahoma
"Alice Castle"
We love staying here, and we spend quite a bit of money but there are no swimming pools, no hot tubs, we love eating at chips and Ale. They have excellent food! But the buffet has a lot to be desired. The food is not always good. We have also found dirty plates. We have also notified them of the dirty dishes when we pick them up. Which makes us disgusted. The only good thing about the buffet that I can say is the waitresses are very kind and nice and helpful. And also the chefs behind the line are also very kind and pleasant. But the food is not so good. And whoever does the dishwashing we have been going there for years and always find dirty forks and plates. The only thing good basically is the desert, and the prime rib, other than that the food is not good