Rick Ramo
Riverwind Casino Riverwind Casino
Norman, Oklahoma
"Rick Ramo"
To do something different for Thanksgiving, we who still live met up at Riverwind casino for lunch. This is a huge complex with many different entertainments. Parking was easy if you drive all the way around to the door by the buffet. They offer valet parking. However we passed on that and offloaded nearest the buffet. Wheel chair conveniently located by the entrance for our oldster, she found it a comfy ride. The line was short at that time. we had about a 10 minute slow crawl to the cashier. I was not aware that there was a discount if I had a "Riverwind card". I will have to find one before I go again. The background music was loud. The decor I suppose would be termed casino noir? The game room in which the buffet is accessed was not what I expected to see in the way of one arm bandits. A more modern look. The buffet was stocked with Thanksgiving holiday fare. And it was tasty, but not quite the cornucopia of variety I had expected. The staff was hard at keeping it stocked up. Unfortunately for me, I retrieved a black forest cake with a raspberry sauce that smelled delicious for our oldster, but on returning for one for me a food giant was busily stuffing the last five into a togo bucket. We did not have time to wait for the staff to restock them. Overall it was a pleasurable experience. Convenient, tasty, and a nice scenic drive to boot.