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Aug 26 '17 at 11:45

Beom Koh

Beom Koh
05/08/2017' Almost blizzard?! I went alone with high hope and hired skis with two day pass. Skis were not waxed well... Dropped my two-day lift pass in a black diamond run on the first day due to my skill and weather +/- skis. I went to the info staff and told her I dropped my paper pass. Staff replied first with "Would you like buy again?" Or I was told to use slope for free but to WALK up the slope with my skis! I asked what to do second day. She replied come back and sit until somebody returns your pass in the morning, which sometimes happens. She offered me if I wanted to buy again. I asked why they could issue the pass again even with my receipt, "Somebody out there is using your pass." Shameful service... Giving paper pass with a plastic zip tie is not enough in this world. Old ski jackets used to have clear plastic pocket around left sleeve for the pass. But I haven't seen those ski jackets for years. They never warned me not to lose it. They only emphasized to hang the pass out on the jacket somewhere. I complained to the manager. No help. I was told it was the same in all Australian ski resorts. I showed him Falls Creek plastic card. I am sure he knew he was not telling the truth as one of the business operator. Second day's ski rental also gone! I did not go back second day as It was two hours driving from home. They claim so-called small business like themselves cannot afford chipped plastic card like the rest of the world. Well, it all depends. A few more issues and I will help them correct all for the public. Good family area in some aspects. I told a few fellow families not to take kids as this facility is understaffed and dangerous.