Timothy Miles
The Oxford Casino The Oxford Casino
Oxford, Maine
"Timothy Miles"
This place sucks I can't win anything at this place I lost 110 dollars in two hand's good thing I left with ten dollars I went and bought a ten dollar lottery ticket and won a 1000 dollars on that pretty sad when you have better odds winning the lottery then you do playing Texas Hold'em ?????????? I've done a lot of gambling there this month and my points haven't went up I haven't got any promotions in the mail in more then a year or better I was going to rent a room at the new hotel I got lied to and was told that check in was at 11AM and check out was at 4PM at this point I I doubt that I will be back to gamble or to do anything else at this place it's went down hill since Churchill's Downs bought the place before they bought the casino I won all the time there and it was fun even when I lost I didn't mind it because I new at some point I would win something I haven't won anything there in two year's but I sure have lost a lot