Michael Negrete
Artichoke Joe's Casino
San Bruno, California
"Michael Negrete"
Worst place ever, it started out great besides losing a great deal of money at blackjack until I ventured to the No Limit poker table, i lost about 400 but won back everything i lost, thank god! The floor men I believe his name was Anthony cut me off from drinking but allowed me to continue to play. I only knew I was cut off when I ordered a shot and a beer and another gentleman at the table ordered a beer and he got served but I did not, so I went to the bar and ordered my drinks there. I started to videotape and asked the floor man why he would cut me off but allow me to continue to play and he told me that i couldn't take viedo and that they cut people off all the time. They threatened to call the cops I told them go ahead and call the cops even though they didn't they still kick me out. This place is a want to be casino and if you're looking for a good time don't bother wasting your time there!