April Franks
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"April Franks"
Like staying at a room the the budget motel! Very disappointed the the appearance, the smell, and the price for the room. Not to mention I had to continually adjust the water in the shower to keep it the same temperature! Poor lighting throughout made it very hard to get ready and the only space with good lighting had no outlet near or was behind the bathroom door. We also requested ocean front and got a room that had a 2x3 window in the corner that was ocean view. Really. ps... $25 worth of additional fees for being a tourist on top of the $10 advertised for valet parking is a slap in the face on the way out after an already disappointing stay. Especially when you wanted to self park but there was no suitable space within the hotel that wasn't valet. Will never come back here! Not one time did anyone ask how our stay was. They probably wouldn't have liked my response though. Don't waste your money here. Go somewhere nicer that's worth the cost of $300/night