Dallas Moman
Club Regent Casino
Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Dallas Moman"
I attended an event at this facility, and only spend minimal time actually gambling. Appearance: kept immaculate. Very clean. The experience inside is incredible! As I walked around I really enjoyed just looking at the building and all the features installed. Event Center: I was skeptical of what kind of event center would be at a casino. Wow, was I wrong. This place is very nicely setup for live performances. The sound acoustics were great, I had no complaints. Amenities/facilities: washrooms a beautiful. I used the coat check service and the staff were friendly and prompt (the coat check is nice for live events). There is food and drink provided all over the place through the casino. The vlts, are well, vlts. Fancy units, but I don't gamble. I will say though, if I did, it would probably be here. Staff and service: friendly, helpful, and professional. Everyone seems busy and organized. From and outside perspective, it seems like a good bunch of staff. Overall: I'd recommend friends to this place. Food, gambling, or an event.