Miguel Stoffel
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"Miguel Stoffel"
Beautiful place. During the 2nd world War, by the way, this was the casino that inspired then spy, Sir Ian Flemming, to write Casino Royal. Great ice breaker, to say you've been to The Casino, once in your life! If you use this as a pickup line at least once, do not forget to come back and +1 me. I hope I manage to contribute to a few weddings with this absolutely useless (but true) fact. Cheers and enjoy all the cafés, great restaurants and majestic hotels (especially the Hotel Palacio) in the vicinity. Beach, 5mins walk from the casino is a must go, especially because the freezing water will take your mind off the euros you've just lost in the casino I'm commenting about. By the way, do not miss the great shows always going on inside (some of the best show tradition in the country, in this beautiful casino)