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Oneida Casino Oneida Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Smart Google"
My experience began with my vehicle being damaged from a speed bump that had no practical purpose except to exactly cause damage to every single guests vehicle. You can only guess how my visit was once I entered the casino to maintain that one star rating originally earned from the speed bump with no redemption to get any higher a rating. As if travelling to Green Bay to see the packers play without Aaron Rodgers playing wasn't bad enough, then there wasn't even a friendly slot machine in the building to lift the spirits. And this is the time of year when people need most, even just a little something to smile about. Perhaps Mike McCarthy will finally get fired for not letting Callahan get any experience when Hundley obviously can't even get a first down thru three quarters. Just gotta get all the other stock owners to unite and storm Mark Murphy's office. But if I ever return to this casino, I may have to sell off my packers stock, just to cover the damage of going over another one of those damn speed bumps, as the slot machines ain't likely to give me even a small something to smile about.