Greg Swartz
Carnival Cruise Line - Splendor Carnival Cruise Line - Splendor
Long Beach, California
"Greg Swartz"
Let me start off by saying that this is a 3-star rating for a cruise. Any cruise is awesome. Or it should be. The 3-star is for the quality of the cruise. This is only our fourth Cruise. All of them have been with Carnival. And while we had a great time, this Cruise was the least greatest of all the cruises. The quality of the food has gone down. The second Lobster day is no longer there. And they don't give you a chocolates on the beds anymore. The shops on the ship have staff that could be much nicer. Again, keeping in mind that these are minor items, they do reduce it from a good solid 4 stars to a mid-level 3-star. The massage therapist left my wife in pain for 4 days. I can understand one day for a deep tissue massage, maybe even part of a second day. But not 4 days. Carnival is completely Unapologetic about it. So when your voice is unheard, and Google asks you your experience. You can let others know. Certainly don't get a massage. But if it's between Carnival and another Cruise Line, maybe check out another one. It is my understanding that there are other Cruise Lines that have better service. I did forget to mention that any of the additional services like massages, acupuncture, or general spa services are exceedingly overpriced. I understand you're captured on the ship and you can't go anywhere else, but asking over $200 for a 75-minute massage is quite excessive. Granted they have specials throughout bringing it down to $149, but still I find that price to be exceedingly excessive as well.