Ahmad Fikri Zainudin
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Phnom Penh
"Ahmad Fikri Zainudin"
Nice place but not suitable for non smoker, family & honeymooner. Staff a very helpful and amazing. Please forget the spa if you want to be pampered with pure massage or you want to relieve your body ache cause i still can feel the pain from the massage; damn hurt, amenities a marvelous but you need to inform therapist in advance to use jacuzzi, steam & etc; keep in mind all of them will do "extra service for your groin" for 50 dollar per person you ask their Manager Irene (not local can speak malay & chinese) to arrange a "Good One", how I know because she miss understand me when I ask "Arrange me a good therapist" by all mean professional therapist due to my body ache. If you refuse to have "extra service" from the therapist their massage will be the worst experience for you I would say nightmare, imagine half an hour massage on the hip & no flow for the whole treatment especially massage with 4 hands; don't expect 5 star treatment, certain room have television, while treatment they watching movie, chatting in uncomfortable tone, not putting eye pillow or something to close your eye, only ask "you cold sir?" But not turn off the aircond or offer extra towel what they do is laughing, will not give you privacy & not offer disposable underwear; as per Irene it's common practice they do all those thing. I try my best to stay till the end of the treatment for me to share spa journey in this majestic 5 star hotel, my suggestion better you call therapist out side to come to your room or go spa outside they a better understanding for "good therapist" & by doing that you can enjoy 8 session of massage instead of 1 in the hotel spa. This review for all of you to enjoy your best in Phnom Penh.