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San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"A Google User"
This casino is, indeed, a very fun place! You can get there and 'whoop it up'...'so-to-speak,' make new friends from all over the world, and have a 'rip roar' of a time. They have fun games, fun live entertainment, and also friendly and welcoming staff throughout. This entire venue is fashioned beautifully and is totally appealing in it's high-end aesthetics, to the degree that it is pleasingly mesmerizing . I had a lot of fun there. I expressed some concerns and the manager/ owner of the casino responded very quickly and professionally and invited me back to be welcome and come there again soon. I was real happy about that and so I’m going to come back and play games whenever I have the free times. I think later there is maybe going to be a hotel on site in the future upgrades! This will be good for the patrons who get tired and need rest And I won some money above of what I started out with so that was also cool.