Gold Eagle Casino Gold Eagle Casino
North Battleford, Saskatchewan
The $225 bounty hunter tournament was a disgrace to poker. The low chip stack (7000) and twenty min blinds made it feel like you were being rushed out. It didn’t help that they told us in the opening statement that they double booked the room and they needed us to be finished by 11pm. The dealers had trouble making change, the opening statement was 20 mins long and the mic wasn’t working so it was hard to hear. General rules were thrown out the window. One break they forgot to start the timer and the break was 25 mins instead of 15, there were no dealers when the timer ended and no 3 min speaker call for the players. The bounty pot was $7600 while first place was $3200. The food service was terrible at the bar, I ordered and the lady behind me got her food before I do. I had to ask for her to help me. I was told I can’t talk to anyone in the tournament at other tables, as well everybody working the tournament had different answers. You did the impossible and made the Dakota dunes look good regarding tournaments. I would have given “0” stars if I could.