Brad Coates
Diamond Jo Casino Northwood
Northwood, Iowa
"Brad Coates"
I walked into the Casino on 12/4 @ 9:45pm, looked at some of the Blackjack tables. I asked if I could sit-down at one of the tables, which had a Handicap sign on it, the Pit Boss said I could. I gave the dealer a $100 bill to color up, which she did, then was told by the same Supervisor, I couldn't play there... It was reserved for a Handicap person. There wasn't a Handicap person in a wheelchair in the building. I told him I would move if someone needed that spot, he said absolutely not and to move. I walked over to the cashier, gave her my chips, took my $100 bill and left...WILL NEVER COME BACK!!! I totally felt discriminated...I couldn't play a table game because I wasn't Handicap.