Amanda lomagro
Meadowlands Racetrack Meadowlands Racetrack
East Rutherford, New Jersey
"Amanda lomagro"
I was recently at The Meadows on Friday and when I went out to my car I realized it had been hit on the side. The security officers were quick to respond and come out and contact the police for me but I am very upset that there are no surveillance cameras in your parking garage. Your casino is the only casino that I have attended that does not have security cameras in your parking garage. Not only is this upsetting because there is not even a chnce to find out who hit my car so I am now responsible for a $250 deductible but I am now concerned to come to your facility at all for safety reasons. I should be able to feel safe walking to my vehicle and I no longer do. You have a large amount of elderly people who come to your casino and if something were to happen to somebody in the parking garage there would be no way to find out what happened. This is upsetting and disturbing. I have multiple friends and family who come to your casino and they also are having second thoughts on coming back as well. We also frequent the Rivers and their parking garage is well surveillanced and security is always patrolling the area. I realize that accidents do occur, but again I feel this is a huge safety concern and people should feel safe coming and going from the casino. Even the police officer who came was disappointed in the fact that there is no surveillance. I enjoy coming to your facility but unfortunately I feel like this incident has prompted me not to return as well as my friends and family. People spend a lot of time and money at your facility and their safety and security should be your number one concern. I attempted to send emails through your website but it kept saying that the message was not sent but I feel this issue should be acknowledged.