Ann Tsui
Delano Las Vegas Delano Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Ann Tsui"
$189.98 a night for the scenic view king suite. No complimentary water, bathhouse not included. They have a weight sensor under water bottles in the room, and if you move one of them it will be automatically charged to your room. They would go this far for technology on detecting water charges!!! I would rather spend that money on welcoming guests. The location is about a 20-min walk from everything, so it can be peaceful. But feel trapped with a few choices. They have a convenient store like place around the lobby and of course overpriced. Also, the king size bed, they explained, is smaller than a regular king but slightly bigger than a regular queen???? I have not been to Las Vegas for 15 years, and realized it changed a lot. No good old Las Vegas generosity anywhere to be found, not just hotels but restaurants or bars.