Crista McMullen
El Cortez Hotel & Casino El Cortez Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Crista McMullen"
My Daughter had been wanting the Fremont experience and after traveling from Atlanta to Bally’s hotel to Fremont, she found a slit that she wanted to play and after inserting 2 vouchers that totaled $10.90, the buttons froze. Not a single sound or anything,. After looking at the play history , he stated that we played and simply bet more than we had which made no sense and even after I repeatedly told him that she never had a chance to play, He insisted that we bet $10 She was trying to press the .10 for denomination and a $1.50 bet. A 1 cent game doesn’t eat up $10 in one spin and he didn’t even try it himself. He needs a new line of work.