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Dec 14 '17 at 4:32

Chan Stoddard

Chan Stoddard
The location is nice, the resorts preferred club area is nice, the staff and restaurants are also nice. The big issue for me is, this resort has roaches. The rooms look as if they’re “cleaned at”...and it disturbs me that they “know” they have a roach problem and clearly don’t manage their preventive measures as if they care. I’ve been at this resort for 4 out of a 7 day trip and I’ve changed rooms 2 times...once for a roach siting and 2nd because the toilet area smelled like a urinal...I’m now waiting to change rooms yet again, due to another roach siting. I called room service at 11:15pm for a cheeseburger and they knocked on my door at 2am with the burger. The rooms also have mosquitoes, i was bitten profusely, they gave “Me” a can of bug spray to fumigate my room...I did not pay to come here and do this! I guess this is why this new roach came out the woodwork, the fumes brought it out. This is not how i planned to spend my birthday trip...UNBELIEVABLE!!! Never again Secrets Wild Orchid!??????