Ed Smith
Yellow Brick Road Casino Yellow Brick Road Casino
Chittenango, New York
"Ed Smith"
Well here is a little common sense.. Casinos are businesses.. As you head to the place look on the right at the multi MILLION dollar gas station and car wash that they are building with YOUR money! They cleaned so much house at YBR they built another casino in Bridgeport and this massive multi MILLION dollar gas station down the street! Is pretty much common sense to know that they don't pay out much at all! Yes there is the random jackpot winner.. They have to do that to keep suckering people.. The whole story behind Oneida Nation is this... Once losing the land claims in court , they or Hailbritter got in bed with a bunch of rich white lawyers and they told him, no worries, we will just buy the land back with the white man's money! And look at the empire they have built and million of acres they bought back! Goto any of there casinos and you will never see an Indian gambling.. this is all truth.. So every time you see a new building our addition or liquor store or gas station, anything, more land,,, just remember where they got the money to build it or buy it! Yes from YOU! the wings are good and drinks are reasonable.. Just save your money for food and drinks.. If you go donate to them...