Horseshoe Baltimore Horseshoe Baltimore
Baltimore, MD
Do not go on a game night. The parking was outrageous. They would rather collect a few dollars for parking then allow casino guest to get in and out. The parking staff, which is run by security, was deplorable. They all stood on the ramps talking instead of helping traffic move along. Of seven floors there was only staff up until the second level. From 3-7 was a parking lot with multiple intersections, 3-6 was blocked off with golf carts and traffic cones. They routed EVERYONE to the top floor. Where there are very few security cameras and no guards. They did not open any of the other floors even though there was almost no one in them. When leaving cars were still rolling in. Everyone was in such a hurry to get into the only lane leaving that traffic was completely stopped. It took someone having their son getting out of the car and standing in front of a departing car to allow incoming traffic to move again. I called security and spoke to the ‘supervisor’, who’s named Cody. This was a joke. I did not feel as if I was heard and at no point did he ask for my name or mention going up there to resolve the situation. I called Harrah’s and they could only reroute my back to horseshoe. The experience inside was even worse, but at least it was somewhat organized. I will not be going back to horseshoe again. Save your money and go to the MGM or Live!