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Dec 19 '17 at 1:39

Traci Wilson Willis

Caesars Southern Indiana

Traci Wilson Willis
Normally I would give you 5 stars BUT this past weekend I was treated horribly at check in to the hotel by a woman named Sarah who in my opinion is unhappy with her job. As I was checking in she informed me that I had to pay for Saturday night(i had a reservation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday){which had been made several months in advance). I told her there must be a problem because I have never been charged to stay there. She asked to see my confirmation which for some reason on my email every confirmation prior and continuing till October was there EXCEPT this past weekend. She then asked if I had an offer rudely. Fortunately I did. Once she had put the offer in she had the nerve to say to me "good thing you had an offer or you would either pay or not stay here". Excuse me Is that how you talk to a customer not to mention I am a Diamond card holder. To add insult to injury I asked Sarah if possibly when I checked out if they could release the 86.25 hold on my credit card.She argued about it Only being 75.00 even though I could show 86.25 was in hold for the Horseshoe Casino...Sarah then stated that's because you are using a ore-paid American Express....Really you looked up my card and attempted to embarrass me in front of other customers. I got that card because I was tired of my other credit cards being held for 7 days for a room that is comped. Sarah never tried to fix the problem that obviously was a mix up on there end not mine because I NEVER book a room that I have to pay for considering I have went from Gold to Platinum to Diamond card holder in 6 months...obviously my room is comped because of the money I spend inside your casino. Sarah was rude and unprofessional and definitely not hospitable working in an hospitality position. The only reason the problem was fixed was because I just happened to have another offer or I guess like Sarah said I wouldn't be staying there...well my money would have went elsewhere too...guess she didn't care about that either. In all the times I have been there(twice a month for 3-5 days each visit) I have never been treated as rudely as this last visit.