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Nov 21 '17 at 8:52

Brett A

Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa

Brett A
Went to the buffet on Monday to get the two-for-one Monday deal ?? this place has always had a weird schedule, they're closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, what! people don't get hungry on Tuesday and Wednesday?The Buffet closes from 3 to 4 p.m. to switch from lunch to dinner, to me this is very ridiculous! all it does is aggravate people because now they have to wait in line where there would be no line otherwise, I only eat at buffet restaurants and I've never seen this practice anywhere else, the Club Card discount should be $5 flat rate off each person like their major competitor west bound on Highway 10. The wait staff seems like they're super hungry for tips of course this is a casino so it's a vacuum for money everywhere you turn it just flies out of your hands, it seems like they're trying to be way more upscale than they need to be, I think they would be better off making the casino experience a good value like the Station Casinos in Vegas! Hello! rather than the VIP (very intense prices/pressure) experience . One of the elevators to the parking structure was broken and in need of immediate repair! the door did not close all the way as it was bent and severely rubbing against objects as you went up and down making loud noises, they had three of them working but they didn't shut down the broken one and it was a frightening experience, I wish they would concentrate on substance and service rather than Flash and cash, oh and if you're going to stay more than 15 minutes make sure you bring a jacket, it's always way too cold in there ??