Terron Coleman
Argosy's Alton Argosy's Alton
Alton, Illinois
"Terron Coleman"
Great place if you love giving away money. I have gambled in the St Louis area for 25 yrs and all of the gamblers I know stopped going here b/c it is impossible to win here. You can easily lose $200 in 12 minutes. You won't even have time to pull your coat off or get a drink. As you've read the reviews of others their slots are incredibly tight. Walk around and look at the slots and most of them have built up to large amounts if it hits which entices you to play, but it is b/c they never hit. Look around it is never any winners anywhere around. EVER! Blackjack is horrendous and even worse! They have a group of dealers (3) especially that will ruin your night, time after time after time and they have been there 20 yrs plus , who lurk around there waiting to get on the table to take your money that have taken your money for 20 yrs. Those long time dealers would beat you if you sat between Ghandi and Jesus. They bring you bad luck no matter the day or time which is why everyone in the St Louis area stopped going there. If you do just so happen to beat the bad luck casino for 10 minutes, the 3 dealers from hell are lurking in the back to come beat you and there is nothing you can do about it b/c those 3 dealers are coming b/c the place is so small. You cant get away from them. The only way to avoid the longtime bad luck dealers is to not come or hope they call in sick. I am not kidding you. This place is rated dead last in payout percentage, so dont just take my word. Google it yourself! It's almost guaranteed you will lose there. Other casinos you can get up and change dealers or something but not here. Those 3 dealers follow you from table to table and are such bad luck that I often think they may stop my car from starting up to leave. Google the payout percentage yourself to other casinos in the area and ask other gamblers in the area who never go there anymore. I was a fool for much too long b/c I refused to think it was those dealers and it was just the cards, but I've learned my leason. It is why no one goes here anymore. REALLY! It used to be popping 20 yrs ago, but everyone learned their lesson quicker than me. Oh by the way, the soda is good